What is Balance Manager?

Balance Manager is the biofeedback deep breathing training device which anyone can train a deep breathing easily watching the breathing guide on the computer screen. Balance Manager provides real-time breathing training score, pulse wave and heart rate. In addition, Balance Manager provides the breathing training analysis report. Balance Manager is the deep breathing trainer based on the brain optimization system to help you manager your stress and improve performance.


  • Attach the ear sensor to your earlobe
  • Watching the breathing guide screen, anyone can easily exercise a deep breathing training
  • Since the breathing training results are stored automatically, you can check the past history of breathing training sessions
  • Provides the training session performance score and session analysis report with graphs and explanations

How to use Balance Manager.

Easy configuration screen.

  • ● HRV

    As well the training, the waveform is large and stable
  • ● Heart reate distribution

    More oval shape of an oblique is better
  • ● Balance Analysis

    The higher balance value is recommended. Raise your balance value through repeated the breathing training
  • ● Breathing Analysis

    Red is not good, yellow is normal, green means good breathing. Show a breathing analysis graph for you to know the condition of the breathing training session at a glance
  • ● Score

    It is average score of the entire breathing training
  • ● Frequency Analysis

    Higher purple graph is a well-balanced state. Orange is sympathetic, green is parasympathetic and purple means the balance between the parasympathetic nerve
  • ● Heart Rate

    Average heart rate measured for entire training session Normal range is 60~90
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